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‘The perfect Wine accessory for everyone from wine connoisseurs to beginners! Whether you are on the continual search for the perfect bottle of wine or simply like to enjoy a refreshing glass with your dinner, the 4-in-1 Grand chiller stick is the perfect accessory for any wine enthusiast’

  • GRAND CHILLER ROD comprises 4 features – Premium Food Grade Stainless Steel CHILL STICK, Crystal clear Drip Free Aerating POURER, Dual Chamber Built-in AERATOR and WINE STOPPER.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY WINE DISPENSER – FDA approved; Premium 304 Stainless Steel material. This ensures your wine will keep at PRIME LEVEL OF AROMA AND TASTE due to aeration and temperature.
  • SIMPLE USE AND CARE – The chiller rod is HAND WASHABLE ONLY. After cleaning, freeze the rod for at least 2 hours. After your wine has aerated for about 15 minutes, pour out some wine then insert the chiller stick into the bottle. This keeps your wine chilled and at peak flavour.
  • IDEAL WINE ACCESSORIES AND GIFT – No competitor comes close to GRAND in terms of taking pride in the finest details for packaging. GRAND CHILL ROD is showcased in LAVISH MAGNIFICENT GIFT CASE with high grade EVA foam. GIFT IDEAS – Birthday, Wedding Party, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Housewarming, Retirement, New year, Promotion, New Job and much more. Your loved ones and friends deserve the best from you!
  • GRAND CHILL ROD is the new definition for CLASS and STYLE. It never fails to attract sparkling eyes of your envious guests!

Product Features

4 Features in 1 Tool:

•PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL WINE CHILLER STICK – Maintain your White Wine, Red Wine, Sparkling Wine or Rose at the optimum temperature for your best experience without dilution.
•DRIP FREE AERATING POURER – Guarantee a dripless pour to avoid mess and wastage.
•BUILT-IN AERATOR – The built-in aerator in the liquor pourer allows your wine breathe to perfection for maximum flavour
•WINE STOPPER WITH HIGH GRADE SILICON – Keeps your wine from dust.

High Quality Food Grade! – This Iceless Wine Chiller tool is tested safe and in compliance with FDA regulations.

How to Use

Enjoy Perfectly Chilled Wine with GRAND CHILLROD 4-in-1 Wine Chill System in 3 easy steps:

1.Keep the chill stick in the freezer for minimum 2 hours.
2.Pour out some wine to make room for the chilling stick.
3.Screw cooling stick to the pourer spout adapter and insert into the bottle of wine.